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I find it hard to believe that she is gone. I really thought that she was going to make it. God has a plan, although we can't understand. We are all part of that plan.
She was a good person, and she will be missed. North Central won't be the same without her. - Mr. Martel
Gail's Obituary
In Loving Memory
of Gail Williams
Marie Bush Obituary
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Coach Hawkins Obituary
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Coach Hawkins Honored - Daily World
I really enjoyed being around my old friends last spring. I will always remember the good times we had, especially the conversations with Gail. She really cared about North Central, and she wasn't afraid to express how she felt. I really liked that about her.
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I went to have my truck inspected and asked Waylon for a picture
Zen and Zan together
outside of Wal Mart
Eureka paused to smile
while I took her picture.
Of course, I cloudn't forget his brother Justin.
Alexis is one of eight seniors who graduated from the Upward Bound Program this year.
Apphia and her son
He is so cute!
Mrs. St. Romain and Cierra doing some shopping
Principal John Murphy
Asst. Principal K.Thomas
Admin.Asst. D. Porche
I don't like blood tests, but Anita was very gentle.
My two nurses and former students, Kandice and Anita