Patrick - Former Student and Friend

I taught Patrick over twenty years ago, and he has never forgotten me. When he joined the Navy over twenty years ago, and he got on his first ship, he sent me a post card with a picture of his ship. Since then he has sent me many post cards and letters telling me about his experiences and his travels all over the world.

Now, in the age of computers and email, he keeps in touch with me even more so, writing me wonderfuly detailed narrratives about his experiences as he gets each new assignment and then moves on to the next one. Through his emails I have learned much about life in the United States Navy, life on a Naval base in this country and abroad, life on board an aircraft carrier, duties and responsibilities of sailors and officers, and much more.

It is truly a wonderful gift that I have been given through this young man, and I am thankful to God for having this once in a life time opportunity to share in the life of a young man whom I once taught and who now is teaching me.

Teaching has been truly a rewarding career for me. In this case it's like a gift that keeps on giving. Recently, I have been learning all about the people and the culture of Dubai. Also, I have learned a lot about how the US Navy expects it's sailors and officers to interact with people of other cultures.

Whenever he is in the area, Patrick visits me, and we sit and talk. Recently, he visited me on Christmas Eve. It was really cold outside, and I sat with him drinking hot tea and talking about getting older, taking care of ourselves, enjoying retirement and going fishing. It was wonderful!
Thanks Patrick! - Mr. Martel