Home Page Headlines 2007- 08
NCHS alumna Casey driving a school bus one Thursday afternoon
Aphia (Doucet) Jordan NCHS alumna and former student of Mr. Martel teaches English in his old classroom.
My former student Brittany attends Southern University.
My former student and little friend Danielle who always cheers me up whenever I see her at work
I met Marcus at Walgreens and had to take his picture.
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I met theTwins and Surknight at Piggly Wiggly right before Christmas..
They are doing well.
One night I ran into Caina, Jeremy, and Chelsie at Walgreens. So we had a little reunion.They are attending LSUE and doing well.
Guess who was working behind the counter at Walgreens - Rashetta
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Mr. Porche is recovering from back surgery. Mr. Martel, who is taking his place, visited him on Friday. He appreciates the get well card.
Note 5-29-08: Mr. Martel finished the school year in Mr. Porche's place, and Mr. Porche recovered well from his back surgery.
Upward Bound Christmas Party 2007
Kiko Hayes, a student at NCHS died in 2006. I had saved his obituary. Then I retired and forgot about it - until now. -Mr. Martel
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