State Rep. Not Convinced New HISD Bond Needed
POSTED: 10:05 am CDT September 11, 2007

HOUSTON -- A state representative has not been convinced that the Houston Independent School District's $805 million bond request is necessary, KPRC Local 2 reported Monday.

Sylvester Turner said the district needs to complete projects under the last voter-approved bond before moving on to more projects.
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"You don't go to the eighth grade unless you finish the work in the seventh," Turner said. "Why should I go with a third bond proposal when I'm still looking at an incomplete on the second?"

Turner wanted Superintendent Dr. Abelardo Saavedra to explain why the projects from the second bond not finished.

"Certainly a few projects, like any construction program, may be a few weeks behind," Saavedra said. "Mainly because of weather."

Teachers, parents and students at Osborne Elementary attended the meeting because their school was slated for closure in the early proposal.

Brandi Ford said her daughter loves her school and does not want to switch to another.

"She's happy. She's thrived tremendously since she's been there," Ford said. "The teachers are wonderful, staff is wonderful. School is clean. We're just satisfied."

Saavedra said Osborne Elementary will stay open if the bond passes, but may close if the bond does not pass. He said school closures are decided by population. The Acres Homes area has low enrollment and many schools in the area will close or consolidate, Saavedra said.

Voters will get their say on the proposal in an election to be held on Nov. 6.