Mr. and Mrs. Jordan take over the English Department    

First of all let me congratulate Aphia (Mrs.Jordan) on chosing to teach English II and English IV at North Central and also her husband Mr. Jordan. I am very proud to have one of my students follow in my footsteps and in the same classroom where I taught her. It's awesome!What more could a retired teacher ask for?

I have heard many good things from her students wherever I have met them. They say to me, "She's good." and that's a compliment from a student, which is as good as it gets. One even said that she was like me in some ways and that they were actualy working very hard and learning something. None of my bad habits though. I would be late in returning papers and sometimes I would get out of control. But most of them knew that I cared.

I visited Aphia (Mrs. Jordan) today (Sept. 6) and I was really impressed by what she was doing with her students and how organized she was. I was also happy to see that she was not for any foolishness. If you want to sleep or play or whatever else other than work, then you need to stay at home. In her classroom there is no foolishness. It is clear that learning is taking place there.

It was refreshing to see a young person so competent and so confident in what she is doing. It is indeed a blessing to North Central. It all part of God's plan for us. This young lady and her husband have what it takes to prepare our freshmen and sophomores to pass the state exams and to help lift North Central up to where we were before, a school of exemplary academic growth.

No more sick old tired half dead teachers to put the blame on. It is on you now!

Seniors, if you want to graduate, do not play around - no freebies -you are going to have to work for it - trust me. Mr. Martel Sept. 7, 2007