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Fun and Games

    Welcome to the the NCHS Fun and Games page. The games and puzzles here were free downloads from web sites that offer them for free addition to your web site. I've tested all of them using Internet Explorer, and they all work on my Macintosh computer; however, there is no guarantee that they will work on your PC. The ones in red have been added recently. Use at you own risk. Mr. Martel
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Take the Rust Quiz by Lewis Baker
Your mind against the machine
IQ Game
See how clever you are.
All Lights
Can you turn all the lights on?
Wacky Faces
Flash animation
Improve your concentration.
Java version-animated
Shoot pool. Realistic action
Flash Game-space ship-asteroids
Classic word guessing game
Play Ping Pong against the computer-a challenging game
Click the ball to keep it up in the air.
The Mystic Cane
Java applet
Flash version-animated
  NCHS Quicktime VR Panorama 
(requires Quicktime plugin)