NCHS Laffy Taffy Collection
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  1. What do you call a dog at the beach?
  2. What do turtles do when they are bored?
  3. What did one math book say to another?
  4. What did the rabbit say to the turtle?
  5. What creature is smarter than a talking parrot?
  6. What did the skunk say when the wind changed?
  7. Why didn't the astronauts land on the moon?
  8. Why did the orange juice help the lemon?
  9. What do ducks and humans have in common?
  10. Why did the bear run around his bed?
  11. Why did the lady leave her handkerchief under the tree?
  12. Where did the kittens go on a class trip?
  13. Why do bees have sticky hair?
  14. What did the graduated cylinder say?
  15. What did the duck say when she bought some lipstick?
  16. How do you get an alien baby to sleep?
  17. What do skeletons say before dinning?
  18. When do sea creatures make a wish?
  19. What happens when a cannon ball flies into the ocean?
  20. What do you call a car that never stops?
  21. What room can no one enter?
  22. Why didn't the Leopard go on vacation?
  23. What do you call two witches living together?
  24. What did the hippie pencil say to the hippie paper?
  25. What is a ghost's favorite ride at the fair?
  26. What did the water say to the sponge?
  27. What do you call the small rivers that flow into the nile?
  28. How does a man on a moon get his haircut?
  29. Why should you never iron a four leaf clover?
  30. Why did the water get upset?
  31. What do you do when your foot is asleep?
  32. What has teeth but can't bite?
  33. What kind of clothes would a frog wear?
  34. What kind of jokes does popcorn like?
  35. How can you tell when a train has gone through town?
  36. What kind of bird wears armor?
  37. What goes tick-tick, woof-woof?
  38. What do you call a monkey who eats potato chips?
  39. What is the clumsiest bee?
  40. What do you get when you cross a goose with a camel?
  41. Why do hamburgers fly south for the winter?
  42. What kind of shoes do frogs like to wear?
  43. Why couldn't the pig write?
  44. What ship do you take to go to college