NCHS Students Win State Competition and Earn Exceptional Rating
in National Competition. Congratulations!!!

Project Board 1

Project Board 2

Project Board 3

Project Board 4

Back row-Jordel Phillips, Chris Devillier, Chris Robinson, Mathew Cormier, Tynequa Tezeno, Alexis Jackson, and Raven Jones
Front Row-Xenophobe Fedison, Cyerra Edwards, Ryan Devillier, Krysten Joubert, Brittni Rue, Valencia Harris, Raven Jackson, La’Quisha Allen, and Gloribel Carreno
Not Pictured: Lauren Beard and Keli Mundi
        The Center for Civic Education, a national organization devoted to promoting competent and responsible citizenship in students, holds an annual competition for American students called Project Citizen. The project is administered by the Center in cooperation with the National Conference of State Legislatures. Students from across the nation choose issues affecting their communities and develop public policy plans to address these issues. The 8th grade honors class at North Central High School, taught by Meghan Condon, [Teach For America] entered the competition last spring with a project on the issue of teen anger management.
        The class submitted the project at the end of the school year, and it was judged over the summer and early fall. After winning the district and state competitions, North Central's project was chosen to represent Louisiana, and entered in the national competition. Recently, the students received word that their project had received an exemplary rating at the competition (the second highest rating possible). The students received a trophy, individual ribbons, and a letter of commendation.
        Congratulations to the following students: La’Quisha Allen, Lauren Beard, Gloribel Carreno, Mathew Cormier, Chris Devillier, Ryan Devillier, Cyerra Edwards, Xenephobe Fedison, Valencia Harris, Alexis Jackson, Raven Jackson, Raven Jones, Krysten Joubert, Keli Mundi, Jordel Phillips, Chris Robinson, Brittni Rue, and Tynequa Tezeno.