Teach for America Reception

Teach for America participants shared their experiences and thanked their mentors at this reception held in May. Full of enthusiasm, new ideas and highly motivated, these young people were a wonderful asset to our school and to the other schools where they taught.
Ms. Meghan Condon, who always "looked up" to Mr. Martel, shared her words of appreciation for what he does at NCHS. She was a wonderful teacher and a friend whom I will miss.
Mr. Paul Benson, who was recognized by Ms. Pandya and Ms. Sowatkze for his support, expresses his gratitude and his appreciation for their efforts at NCHS.
The NCHS Teach for America Team-Thanks to Ms. Sowatkze and Ms. Condon for all that you have done for the students at NCHS. We wish you the best, and we will miss you both. We look forward to working with Mr. Underwood, Ms. Pandya, and Ms. Kapostasy again next school year.
Ms. Pandya expresses her appreciation for the support of Mr. Kermit Thomas, assistant principal.