Shimike Johnson-Principal's Cup 1996, 1997, and 1998

. . . . . . Let us run with patience the race that is set before us . Hebrews 12 : 1

        As the course of which I am traveling branches off, I look back at all the experiences brought to me, the wisdom gained, the friendship and love that was accumulated, and all the other blessings from God. I realize it is time for me to take a road less traveled.
        My three-years long experience at North Central High has been illuminating and fascinating to say the very least. I do not feel that there was ever a dull moment. It gave me a foundation that I will be forever grateful for.
         My first year, my eighth grade year, I learned to challenge myself to reach my full potential. I learned to look deeper into life's gray shades. This was the year for further maturity and strength in character.
        My freshman year was the most captivating. It was an adventurous journey. I did a series of competitions and won at state level. The most memorable was being awarded by the Louisiana State Medical Society for a project entitled "Melanoma- Is There A Cure?" I ranked third in state in Physical Science and fifth in state in Keyboarding/Keyboarding Applications.
        This year one of the most powerful and dramatic revelations was sown deep into my heart. The essence of the lesson says that to abound you must first become abased. I became a Peer Mediator, offered free tutoring throughout the year, and I tried to make improvements and build unity within the student body. I attended a lot of conferences and am now a part of the proactive Louisiana Alliance which stands primarily for the protection of Louisiana's youth from the dangers of underage drinking. We also deal with a series of other pressing issues such as the breakdown of the family, economic issues, and high teenage pregnancy rate caused by premarital sex. I serve as an advocate for all youth in the state of Louisiana. There are only about 40 advocates in the state of Louisiana. I was recently nominated to serve on the YAC ( Youth Advisory Council ) as they are commonly known. I am using my voice and placing my efforts into bettering not only my community but also surrounding communities.
        I was blessed with a SAT score of 1080, an ACT composite of 25, and for the third consecutive year, I received the Principal's Award. The highlight of the year was acceptance at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. It is a high school that teaches on college level and will provides me with a college experience not only educational wise but also the opportunity to experience residential life.
        My experiences have without a doubt strengthened me, and I know that it is time for me to step onto another level. I live by the saying that the best is yet to come and '98 is truly the year of Jubilee!