Class of 1995 holds ten year reunion

    In 2005 the NCHS graduating class of 1995 held their ten year reunion. Other reunions had been talked about, and others had even been planned, however; this was the first class to actually successfully plan and have a class reunion. I was invited to attend the gathering at the Holiday Inn in Opelousas, but unfortunately I was having major problems with my spine. I regretted that I was unable to attend and meet my former students to see how they had progressed in the ten years since they had graduated, plus I wanted to take pictures. Fortunately, in October 2005, Nichole Rideau had sent me an email with a couple of pictures from the reunion. I had never gotten around to putting them on the web site, but here they are now. The first one was taken at the Holiday Inn on the night of the reunion and the other one was taken at Lake Dubuisson the next day. Hopefully, other classes will get together too. -Mr. Martel