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Selections from our School Paper

FFA Wins National Honor

by Reynard Eaglin, Jr.

The North Central Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter has been awarded a one star national chapter rating. Three members of chapter and two group advisors will travel to Kansas City in November to attend the 69th National FFA Convention. Both North Central FFA advisors, Mr. Hals Beard and Mr. Francis Richard, said that the honor the local chapter received is well deserved. Mr. Richard said, "This could be the first time in the parish an FFA chapter is recognized on national level." The FFA chapter was rated a gold chapter at the state level. Attending the convention will be Jason Hutchins, Garrett Schexnayder and Chad Baham.


by Lashondra Jones

The North Central High School recycling project, which is in its second year, began in Mr. Martel's classroom. Last year Lashondra Pierre, Tasheta Thomas and Reynard Eaglin,Jr. who were juniors, asked Mr. Martel what he was going to do with the bundle of papers that he had collected from his student folders. They suggested that the material should be recycled. With Mr. Martel's help the project began and has continued to the present. Mrs. Velma Hendrix kicked off the year by bringing in 50 pounds of cans on the first day of school. The senior class really appreciates the faculty and also students that have helped support this project. We would like to encourage the rest of our teachers to help the students make a difference by collecting aluminum, and tin cans, plastics, cardboard, papers, used papers, folders, newspapers, and magazines.

Best Friends

by Amber Schexnayder

Who could have ever guessed that Lashondra, Jessica, Denise, and Shawna could ever be best friends? They first met back in 7th grade when they first started school at N.C.H.S.. They have been friends for roughly six years. What makes these four young, attractive ladies so outstanding is their ability to understand one anothers' feelings and being there to be supportive when there are obstacles one of them may face. Some of the things that help them get along entirely well- are their personality, character, sensitivity, and just keeping one another laughing. Although they act friendly towards one another, they do have things that may cause them to get into static. Now, Lashondra has a quick temper and is momentarily worrying about her grades. Shawna has a problem with calling Lashondra "Thicky", knowing that she's thin. Jessica, that "thang", just aggravates everyone. Last but not least, Denise eats up everything and doesn't grow. Oh! Jessica has a fake hair color , but don't tell anyone. One thing that really tends to give them trouble is not being able to "chill" with one another when they want to because they live so far away from each other. When they do get together, everyone knows, because they go crazy and its impossible to contain them.

Upward Bound Summer Program

by Valarie Banks

The Upward Bound Summer Program is a program that helps students benefit in many areas of education, such as mathematics, English, science, foreign language, college and career planning. For seven weeks juniors in the Upward Bound program went to U.S.L. while some of the sophomores in the program attended other colleges.

Reynard Eaglin, a senior at North Central High School attended the summer Upward Bound program at U.S.L. When he was asked, "What did you enjoy about the program?" Reynard answered, " I enjoyed my classes and the challenge they presented me with. Also my friends as we kept the bond while having a memorable time at U.S.L." Reynard said that the program has given him an opportunity to feel what campus life is like, while putting him through some college courses and preparing him for a bright future. Reynard says that socially he has encountered beautiful and intelligent people. Reynard was selected " Mr. Upward Bound."

Byrd Lee Adams , a junior at North Central High School, also attended the Upward Bound Summer Program. She chose to attend the University of Texas at Arlington. Byrd says that she really enjoyed her college experience. She got to meet different people of different races. Byrd says that the elective classes she took were Language, Music, Dance, Martial Arts, Spanish and Pop Culture. She also learned how to defend herself by learning Kappawedda, which originated in Africa. She studied pop culture which was much different from ours. Overall, Byrd says that she had a good summer, and she wishes that it would have not ended.

Kenneth Doucet, a junior at North Central High School attended Wiley College in Marshall, Texas. Kenneth says he really enjoyed his stay. He said he got to meet alot of people and it showed him how college life is and is making some of his high school classes easier this year. Kenneth says he had fun and he met new people and new friends!