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Christmas Issue-Dec.19, 1996


NCHS Intranet

by Lashondra Jones

NCHS is preparing its students for the future by using computer technology. Within the next century, the world of work will use mainly computers. Three years ago, Mr. Paul Martel ,an English teacher, bought a modem and joined America On-line. At first there was only a phone line connected to the assistant principal's office. Later, a fax machine was put in the principal's office and a phone line was run to Mr. Martel's room. The next year Mr. Charles Renaud, Mr. Martel's supervisor, bought Mr. Martel a 14-4 modem and a one year subscription to Net-connect, an Internet service provider.

During the school year, Mr. Martel networked together seven Macintosh computers in math, social studies, English, and science departments. The computers were networked using local talk, which is built into the Macintosh. A software program was used to share files, and to exchange messages or communicate in each department.

This year Mr. Martel's supervisor bought him a program called PortShare Pro. PortShare Pro allows several teachers to use one modem and get on the Internet. Mr. Renaud also installed a phone line in the library with the approval of our school principal, Mr. Raymond Duplechain. He provided our school librarian, Mrs. Ruby Young, with a brand new Power Mac. The Power Mac has been connected to the existing network, and allows students in the library to use the Internet. Hopefully, in the future, there will be a computer in each class that will be connected to our network and also the Internet.

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Murals at NCHS

Kristy Buie & Publication Class

If you visit North Central High School you will see several colorful murals painted on the walls. As you enter the east entry of the building, on the right wall, you will see the first mural, which is the shield of NCHS, drawn by Joshua Guillory in 1995. At the top of the shield are symbols of friendship between all races. On the left side there are symbols of education and sports and on the right side there are symbols of drama, music, and art. Finally, at the bottom of the shield is a ribbon that tells that the school was established in 1991. This was the school's first mural.

As you walk further down the hall to the right, you can see the newest mural, which had been a mystery for almost a year. It was revealed on November 14th. You will see a three dimensional window floating in the clouds. The window is open and a white dove with a high school diploma in it's beak is flying through the window. There is an inscription which reads, "North Central High. . .Your Window to Success and Achievement". This mural is telling you that you can achieve what you want in life, there is no limit, you can go above and beyond achieving your goals. The colors in this mural, which are blue, white and yellow, symbolize happiness and hope.

As you go down toward the cafeteria, on the left side you will see the second mural, which was painted by Paige Shaw in the spring of 1995. At the top of the mural, you will see an ominous dark cloud with "Hurricanes" written across it. Coming out of the cloud is a bolt of lighting in the shape of "NC" and a powerful gust of wind. Surrounding this are sports figures drawn in bright colors representing baseball, football, basketball, track and volleyball.

As you go down Hall 502 toward the Ag. Department, on the right you will see the colorful FFA mural drawn by Nathan Hickman and Danielle Wright. The mural shows various tradesmen working on the FFA sign.

If you visit hall 210, you will see a foreign language mural drawn by Claire O'Reily and Jessica Dye in 1995. Painted on the mural are three flags with "Hurricanes" written in Spanish, French and English.

If you come in through the south entrance of NCHS you will see two murals painted on each side of the doors. The mural on the left side is a picture of the new school mascot, the "Hurricane Man", which was painted by Thaddeus Tieuel in the spring of 1996. Our new mascot, the "Hurricane Man", is standing in the middle of the hurricane with wind blowing all around him. He has long black hair, lots of muscles, and a hard, cold look on his face. The mural on the right side is similar to the mural in the east entrance with the exception that the inscription reads "Welcome to NCHS".

These murals were painted over the past two years to enhance our otherwise bare gray brick walls by students in Mr. Ted Bertrand's Art classes. Mr. Bertrand and his students have spent many hours during and after school to complete these masterpieces which express to the visitor our identity. In the fall of 1995 Mr. Bertrand was able to obtain a monetary grant to provide paint and materials for this project. Thanks to Mr. Bertrand for enliveing the walls of North Central High School making them interesting for our visitors.

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Senior Day at USL

by Danielle Washington

On November 9, 1996 Senior Upward Bound Members and Talent Search students from North Central High School attended Senior Day at the University of Southern Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. Students met at North Central's parking lot at 7: 30 am to catch the bus. The bus left the parking lot at approximately 8: 00 am and arrived on U.S.L.'s campus at 9:00a.m.

All students reported to the Cafeteria to meet U.S.L. representatives for a tour of the campus. First we toured the girls and boys dorms. After the tour we all reported to the auditorium for orientation. During orientation representatives explained how the university operates and why we should consider U.S.L. as the place to further our education. After orientation we chose a class to visit that we would like to major in.

I chose nursing, which was being taught in MacNeese Hall. We discussed what kind of nursing department they have at U.S.L. . We had an opportunity to hear freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors talk about what to expect in each semester of the nursing course. After hearing the students talk about the course, we went upstairs to some more classrooms where the students applied what they had learned in the other class. There was a hospital room with dummies lying on the beds. On the side of the bed was a computer. A senior student explained to us why they were there and how they helped the nurses. This was very interesting because I want to be a nurse.

We ended our trip by visiting a library located on campus. It was a very nice experience, and I really got to see how college life is.

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The Man and His Team

by Reynard Eaglin, Jr.

Coach Clarence Fontenot is in his 15th year of coaching basketball and says that he is ready for 15 more exciting years. He spoke of his plans for the 1996-1997 basketball season when I caught up with him for a interview. Coach said that he plans on winning the district championship and moving to the next level. Do we believe Coach can achieve this goal? Of Course We Do! In his 15 years of demanding only the best from his players he has successfully won 487 games. He teaches his boys to play the game the way it should be played and helps them develop their skills. Coach Butch said, "This could be the deepest team in all my years here at North Central High School. I have a senior ball club, probably the most talented group of young men, in spite of losing one of my best players, Micheal Smith.

Coach Fontenot boasts when speaking of his inside game. He said that when Gerald Collins and Chris Alexander get the ball on the inside, we can almost assure points on the scoreboard. He mentions seven of his key players who are Chris Alexander, Gerald Collins, Eric Nelson, Tony Willis, Felix Lockett, Clarence Jackson, and Chris Stoner. He says these young men, along with the other team members, are what keep him going. Coach Fontenot also mentioned that when he prepares his players, he expects them to give him cooperation and respect. "I feel that with hard work and discipline we can dominate, but we must have these two ingredients to be successful," Coach Fontenot said.

In his years of coaching, Coach Fontenot has been named St. Landry Parish Coach of the year twice, he has been named District Coach of the year three times, and he has had the honor of being the State Basketball Coach three times. Also, Coach Fontenot received a Coach of the Year from J.K. Haynes Foundation for two years. To what does he owe all of this? Coach said, "I'm dedicated. I love all of my players, I wouldn't give this up for the world. It keeps me going, and I plan to be here for many years to come."

Good Luck On A Successful Season !!!

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NCHS Honors Pastors for Christmas

by Reynard Eaglin, Jr.

On Wednesday, December 11, 1996, North Central High School held its Annual Pastors' Christmas Dinner. The idea for the Pastors' Dinner was developed by Rev. Dale Fontenot who pastors at Church of God in Palmetto, and Mr. Raymond Duplechain, Principal of North Central High School.

The reason for this annual luncheon is to give thanks to the pastors in the communities of Washington, Palmetto, Melville, Lebeau and surrounding areas for the support they give to North Central High School.

The Pastors' Dinner was planned by committee members: Mrs. Ester Johnson, Mrs. Augusta Rideau, Mrs. Marie Bush, and Mrs. Ruby Harrell. Together with cafeteria personnel they prepared a delicious feast for the attending guests. Mr. Duplechain complimented everyone involved and thanked all those who made this occasion possible.

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New Band Director

by Amber Schexnayder

At North Central High school, we have a new band teacher. His name is Mr. Thaddeus Johnson. He originally taught at Beau Chene High School. This is a big change from about 92 horns to eight horns and a five drum band that we had a NCHS when he first arrived here. Mr. Johnson said that he wanted a smaller school to work at so he could work with the Jr. High students. Also he wanted to get them ready for high school band and to know how much they already know and not have to start all over at the beginning of each school year. He teaches the Jr. High students in Morrow, Palmetto, and Washington.

The NCHS Band will contain Flag Girls, a dance team The Twisters, and the Hurricane Band. When asked what his plans for the band, dance, and flag team were, Mr. Johnson said he plans to expose them to concerts, to compete for all district and state. Mr. Johnson is also bringing in professionals to help the dancers, flag girls and drummers for the '97-'98 school year. He wants to have a good band to get more people involved in support of the school.

The band uniforms will have white tops, royal blue pants, silver sequins trim, and a silver sequined cape. The Twisters will have a white dance uniforms with silver and blue sequins trim, head bands and ankle sequins. The Flag Team will have blue tops, silver sequins, and white pants. Mr. Johnson also plans to have a marching band, a Pep and a concert band. He wants to get more people involved, more people to go to games for support, and he plans to have a drum major. Mr. Johnson plans to have about 40 to 50 band members next year, 8 dancers and 12 flag girls. For the summer he wants to have a camp for each individual group, and about two weeks before the next school year combine them and practice to be ready for the 97-98 opening.

Mr. Johnson also has a group of parents of the band members called a Band Parents Club who help out with fun raisers. He also uses a computer to get ideas for his band, dancers and flag girls. He uses what is called computer to get formations for the band. He uses what is called a computer drill design off of Quick Step. He also uses a power tool program which contains uniform inventory, instrument inventory, a music library, roster roll taking and another one he uses is "Ear Training" or (Aural Skills).

Well, if everyone is wondering when this magnificent band will be seen. They will begin playing at basketball games and they also will perform at Mardi Gras. Mr. Johnson would like to get about forty to sixty kids for the Mardi Gras parade. We all will be looking forward to the appearance of the NCHS Band, The Twisters, and Flag Girls.

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In a Day

by Valarie Banks

On October 12,1995 , I went to Angola State Penitentiary to visit my friend Kasif Muslim at camp #106063 Ash. Kasif and I first got to know each other, and then we exchanged addresses. He and I would write each other poems, letters, and sometimes send each other different types of artwork. We really hit it off. Although Kasif is in the penitentiary, we are close friends.

My inspiration for this poem came from Kasif. I was just sitting down one day thinking about the world and what people go through. The poem shows everyday life and how the world is today. It also shows how our society functions. The poem tells how some people care about what's going on and some don't, but they should. Through it all Kasif always encourages me to study, pray, and read my Bible daily. I must say that Kasif inspires me alot and encourages me to do well so I can graduate. That's why I can say that Kasif Muslim is a really close and true friend.

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In a Day

by Valarie Banks

We go through so much in a day,
Some showing love,
Some showing hate.

We go through so much in a day,
Some living on arrogance,
some humble in faith.

We go through so much in a day,
Some last and don't care.
Some headed toward the right way.

We go through so much in a day,
Some seeing signs of importance,
Some concerned with nothing but play.

We go through so much in a day,
Some having tribulations,
To the point of dismay.

We go through so much in a day,
Too often we forget
To remember God and pray.
God raised me above those discursive thoughts.
Place me in a celestial brilliance.
Only you know how I've fought.

God raised me above those discursive thoughts.
And He placed me somewhere that out strips thinking.
This is my desire which you have wrought.

God has raised me above those discursive thoughts.
Thank you JESUS for intelligence and wisdom.
Because we go through so much "In a Day."

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