Publications I & II

You must take both Publications I and Publications II

Course Description:

Students will learn basic journalism skills of interviewing, writing, publishing, and reporting news events at school.

• They will learn how to publish a school newspaper and submit stories and pictures to the Daily World Paper for publication in the Campus News.

• They will learn how to sell ads for the yearbook and work together as a team on distribution of yearbooks, school pictures, fund raisers, and other projects.

• They will learn to create and update web pages, scan photos and enhance them digitally, use a digital camera, graphics tablet, and other computer hardware.

• They will use DTP software to create databases, school newspaper, flyers, letters etc.

Skills and Qualities Needed:

• Ability to interview people and take good notes

• Ability to write correctly using the writing process

• Basic keyboarding skills-type stories on the computer, save, and print

• Reporter Mentality-want to know everything that's going on, who is involved, and when and where it happened.

• Positive Attitude-" Why not!"- "We can do it!"- "I can do it Mr. Martel!"- "I'm willing to try."-"Anything is possible."

• People Person-like to talk to people and interested in who they are and what they have to say.

• Self Confidence- to approach people in business and make them feel that they should buy an ad to support our yearbook ( believe in yourself and in your school).

• Sales Skills-believe in the product or service that you are selling and that its price is a bargain and that it's what they want.

• Love to Work-not lazy, attend school regularly, do all work assigned without complaint, turn in work on time.


• Bring a roll of film (400 speed) first grading period.

• Bring black and red ink pens, pencil, loose leaf paper, and two pocket folder with clips daily.

• Sell one page of ads in first grading period and more as determined by budget.

• Participate fully in fund raisers. Sell candy, chips, hot links, sodas, nachos etc.

• Turn in fund raiser money when it is due and meet publication deadlines.

• Use class time for work first, then study or read.