Journal Cafe

Brunch Menu

Chef–Monsieur Martel

Topic Du Jour

Casual starters for any occasion

Dear Diary–Your life on an open-faced sandwich. What’s new in your life? Family, friends, plans, etc.

Monday Special–How was your weekend?

Friday Special–How was your week?

The News–What’s your reaction to recent political events in the world, neighborhood, or school?

Campus Life–What’s new at school these days? What have you learned in your classes? How are school activities going?

All-Time Classics

Topics worth ordering again and again!

Chef’s Leftovers–Continue chewing on yesterday’s topic.

Mental Dribble–Write whatever comes to mind–anything, no matter how boring or senseless; just keep writing and don’t stop. If your mind goes blank, just keep writing the same words over and over until you think of something else.

Salad Bar–Write about anything you feel like writing about.

Opinion Orders

Use the power of the pen to voice your views.

World Issues–What are your views on racism, sexism, poverty, crime, war, hunger, disease, pollution, abortion, deforestation, endangered species, politically unjust governments, etc.? If you were in a position of power, which would you tackle first and how?

School Review–How could this school be improved? If the school were granted a large sum of money, how would you like to see it spent? New buildings? New electives? New equipment?


Descriptive Dishes

Basic staples of any writer’s diet

Memorable Moments–Describe a memorable moment from your childhood or recent life–fun, sad, scary, embarrassing, whatever.

Portraits–Describe someone you know: family, friend, role model, or other.

Ancestry–Describe your family & cultural background.

The Place to Be–Describe a place: a place you visited, a place you want to visit, the place where you used to live, a beach, an arcade, anywhere.

Tell A Friend–Describe a movie you saw, a book you read, a video game, the bike you want to buy, etc.

Introspective Entrees

For the self-exploring individual

Make Your Mark–What do you hope to accomplish during your lifetime? How will you make a difference in the world?

Who Am I–What makes you different from other people?

The Animal Within–Which animal best represents your personality? Why?

Personal Growth–What would you like to do better? What aspect of your personality would you like to improve?

The Meaning of Life–What is the purpose of your existence?

Creative Combos

Delicacies for the original thinker

Sci-Fi Platter–Imagine another planet inhabited by beings with human-like intelligence. Describe them and their planet. How would they act that is different from humans?

Sliced Bread–Think of a great invention (besides the wheel and the light bulb).

Dark and Stormy Night–Write a story, truth or fiction. Continue writing it for a few days.

Fantastical Selections

Desserts for the unbound imagination

Clark Kent Special–Describe what life would be like if you had a special power: superhuman strength/speed, able to fly, X-ray vision, invisibility, able to change shape/form, telekinesis, read minds, foresee the future, stop/control time, be in two places at once, etc.

Bill & Ted’s Special–What person (famous or not, dead or alive) would you like to meet (past, present or future)? A great grandmother? Mozart? Michael Jackson?

Sam Beckett Special–If you could time-travel, when and where would you travel to?

Ebenezer Scrooge Special–If you could revisit your past or visit your future, what time would you choose?

Shirley MacLaine Special–If you were to be reincarnated, who or what would you want to come back as? Who or what do you imagine you were in a past life?

Dr. Doolittle Special–If you could speak with animals, which animal(s) would you want to talk with? What would you want to ask them?

Aladdin’s Special–If you were granted a wish, what would you wish for?

Donald Trump Special–If you inherited one million dollars, but you could not spend it on anything for yourself, how would you spend it?