Mr. Martel Retires

    Yes, it is true. I have retired. When I got the invitation (on the left), I decided to go. As I walked in (a half hour late), someone was reminiscing about her years teaching. Then while I was looking around for a place for me and my wife to sit, the lady finished and someone asked if anyone else had anything to say. I said, "I have something to say" and went on to talk about my years teaching at North Central, how I had mixed feelings about retiring, how I would miss the children, how I got started on Mac computers etc. until I felt that I had said enough.
    I stayed for the school board meeting at four o'clock. I had noticed some plaques stacked up on a table and figured that they were for the retirees. When the time came to present the plaques, I was getting nervous waiting for my name to be called, but when they called it, I walked up there like a young man, people were clapping, I was feeling proud as I shook hands with Mr. Moreau and Mr. Budden. Then walking back and seeing the look of pride and love on my beautiful wife's face and how much she was smilling and clapping for me made it all worthwhile.