The Medieval Period

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Table of Contents

1. Who were the Normans?

2. What kind of people had they become over the years?

3. Who fought at the battle of Hastings? What was the outcome?

4. Describe the Feudal System.

5. How did the Normans treat the Saxons and the Danes?

6. Why did the English go to Becket's shrine?

7. What was the Magna Carta?

8. What were the crusades?

9. What were merchant guilds? craft guilds?

10. What was the Black Death?

11. What was the effect of the Black Death on labor?

12. What were John Wycliffe's complaints against the church?

13. What was the first War of the Roses?

14. What did chivalry deal with at first? by the thirteenth century?

15. What were Romances?

16. How did Geofrey of Monmouth popularize King Arthur?

17. What was Sir Gawain and the Green Knight about?

18. Who was Sir Thomas Malory? What did he accomplish?

19. What was Piers Plowman and who wrote it.

20. Who was Geoffrey Chaucer? What were The Canterbury Tales?

21. What was the origin of English lyric poetry?

22. What is a ballad? Name one surviving series of ballads.

23. Where did plays begin? What were miracle or mystery plays?

24. What was a cycle? Who wrote the plays? Where were they performed?

25. What were morality plays? What was the most famous morality play?