Mr. Ambres has asked me to select a student to give a report on North Central High School on a radio broadcast this weekend. Each school has been given a weekend. Bernadette Chambers has volunteered to report for our school. Now, all we need is something for her to report.

Please give to me any news about your class, club, or sport where your students have received an award or done something positive for our school. Please write a paragraph which describes the event, the students involved, and their achievements.

There are many positive things going on at this school which need to be broadcast to the public. All it takes is a few minutes to write them down. All I have is three days, including today, to prepare Bernadette for the broadcast. I need your help on this. I can't do it by myself. If we don't get any news from you, North Central High School will not have a report to broadcast. Remember, the news media will be eager to broadcast or print any bad news about our school without our help or our consent.

Thank you,

Mr. Martel