NCHS PTO Gets Good News

North Central High PTO met in the school library on Monday October, 14 at 7p.m. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Esther Johnson, and the minutes of our last meeting were read by Mrs. Debbie Phillips. There was a brief discussion about parent turn out (approximately 30 parents and 4 or 5 teachers) and suggestions were made to get the word out (in the churches).

Mr. Ambres then spoke about our school having submitted a request for things that we needed in the amount of $68,000 and that we had received that amount of money to but those things. These items included textbooks that we needed and library books ($14,000 total). However, Mr. Ambres stated that purchasing textbooks was a never ending thing. Next year we will need new social studies books, and the money that we get from the school board will not be enough to cover the purchase of these books.

Items that were requested for the school included overhead projectors, typing tables and chairs, projectors and screens, VCR's, calculators, file cabinets and other items that the teachers needed. A $20,000 request to purchase computers and computer tables will not be needed due to the new computer lab that our school will be getting soon, and Mr. Ambres said that he will try to use the money for material and supplies such as paper, pencils, etc.

Finally, Mr. Ambres stated that homecoming was a big success, and he thanked all who helped. About $4,000 was raised.


Thanks to Mrs. Drummer who collected $45 in donations from local businesses. Thanks to Mr. Robinson and Parent Advisory Committee for their role in helping obtain the money for our school.

Mr. Robinson stated that it doesn't take a large group; you just have to put information in the right hands. Mr. Robinson thanked Mr. Ambres for his role in obtaining the money.

Also, thanks to Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Haynes for hand outs on building self-esteem.

Spare The Rod?

Mr. (Dale) Fontenot stated that our parents want to become involved in discipline at school and that the PTO wants to have an active role by bringing resource persons to talk to parents. Mrs. Drummer asked if anyone had seen the article in the paper about discipline ( Dr. Glowacki opposed to corporal punishment).

Mrs. Beebe (school board member) expressed her greatest concern for those students who want to learn and those who just come to school to cause trouble. She said her heart goes out to those who want to learn . She said that she doesn't want to beat anybody's child. Parents have to accept their role.

Mr. Ambres added that if parents do not take control of their children and treat them as children, we will have a lost generation. Mr. Ambres said that if he caught a whipping at school, he would get another one at home, and this did him no harm.

Mr. Robinson expressed that although he doesn't believe in corporal punishment, he felt that had a right to express his opinion. Mrs. Beebe, who apologized for becoming emotional, said that Dr. Glowacki would be willing to address parents on this issue.

Mr. Fontenot said that we want to tackle this problem ("own it") bring in resource persons, and get the word out about what we are doing.

Raising Money For Our Kids

Ideas for fund raisers were also discussed, and a committee was formed to study the feasibility of a school fair. Earlier, Mrs. Durand explained the Community Coffee Library program which provides money to purchase books.

Mrs. Bush talked about Delchamps and the Super Store providing a percentage of what you spend back on school supplies. Parents are needed to work with these ideas.

After the meeting photographs were taken for our yearbook. Our next meeting, due to Veterans Day school closure will be on Monday, Nov.18 at 7PM. Please come on out and join us.