NCHS PTO Meeting-November 1991

Mr. Dale Fontenot opened the meeting with a discussion of fund raising at a school in Baton Rouge whose only fund raiser, selling candy, brought in $13,000.

Mr. Harold Woods, in response to last month's discussion of corporal punish-ment stated that people get the wrong idea that we are beating kids left and right when in reality it is only two or three kids done at parents' request. He said that he would much rather talk to a kid and that maybe he had missed his calling as a preacher.

Mr. Fontenot directed a discussion on plans for American Education week asking for parent volunteers to replace support personnel. Mrs. Debbie Phillips briefed us on plans so far for our school fair. Ideas were offered by Sr. Readore. She said that we will make most of our money from food although the bulk of the money will go for rides. Mrs. Phillips suggested that we don't have a lot of rides, perhaps four or five for the big kids and the same for the small kids. She also suggested selling novelities and junk items.

Sister Readore commented that if the fair is going to be in April, everything needs to be settled before Christmas. Mrs. Phillips also suggested that we set a day for donations of such items as coke and charcoal. Mr. Woods mentioned something about cooking cracklin. Then the discussion turned to booths. He suggested that we split 50/50 with clubs along with an explanation of where the money goes. Teachers could meet with sponsors of each club to get their help. Mr. Woods suggested that we sell the idea to the sponsors first, and they in turn would sell it to their members. He said that this is part of building school pride.

Mr. Fontenot interjected that we need a list of things that we need to do and to organize a time schedule. Back on the subject of booths, Mr. Haynes said that at the Zydeco festival they charged $50 a booth, and he made $200 selling hot dogs etc. He said that he would have done better if donations were given. On the matter of security, Mr. Woods said that he pays $25 per person for the sheriff's posse, and deputies want $10 an hour. He also mentioned that chief of police Harlan Deville volunteers his time.

Mr. Fontenot suggested that we have a membership drive because our attendance has declined steadily since our first meeting. Tonight we had about a dozen parents and five teachers. Suggestions were made to change the time of our meeting to 6 p.m. and to make fliers. Several parents volunteered to help provide cookies, donuts, coffee, and help for support personnel (Mrs. Phillips, Ms. Sam, Mrs. Davenport, Mrs. Lamb, and Mrs. Hubbard).

Mrs. Edwards suggested that we combine our next PTO meeting with open house. Ideas were discussed pending Mr. Ambres approval. Mrs. Johnson requested that each teacher sell $50 worth of raffle tickets for a beautiful quilt made by Mrs. Alma Davenport. Mr. Martel was enlisted to make the tickets. Mrs. Edwards suggested that we put fliers out where people go (stores, etc.) to announce our meeting. Mr. Martel was enlisted to make the fliers. Mrs. Basile passed out parent involvement newsletters by Ms. Pat Mason.