Broadcast on OWL TV in January 1993

Good evening! I'm Hope LeDay (Shonta introduces herself) and this is the North High Central High News Update for the month of January.

North Central held its monthly P.T.O. meeting on January 11, 1993 at 6 p.m. Several important topics were discussed among the teachers and parents. The speakers were Mr. Milton Amres, Mrs. Rose Sam, Mrs. Lottie Beebe, and Mr. Dale Fontenot.

Mr. Fontenot began the meeting with comments about the success of the December PTO meeting. Mrs. Lottie Beebe commented that since then she has been hearing positive things about our school. Mr. Fontenot commented that both our band director, Mr. Johnson, and our art teacher, Mr. Bertrand, were pleased to display the talents of their students.

Mr. Ambres gave an update on things here at North Central. He stated that the suspension rate was down and the behavior of our children was improving. He attributed this to effective monitoring of the halls by both our teachers and the administrators. He also complimented assistant principal, Mr. Thomas, for his new ideas in dealing with discipline problems. Mr. Ambres also commented on NCHS Bingo, preparations for the Mock Trial, and in school suspension.

Ms. Sam, our counselor, gave a presentation on testing. She discussed types of tests, what tests measure, why they are used, and how parents can prepare their children for tests. Sample results of the eight and ninth grade CAT and LEAP tests were distributed and discussed. The test schedule for 1993 was given to parents and explained. Pre-ACT information was given out and discussed. Also, LEAP scores for 1991 and 1992 were compared showing significant increases. Ms. Sam volunteered to distribute packets she had prepared for parents at the basketball game the following night so that they could benefit from this valuable information.

The meeting closed with a discussion of plans for a meeting at the end of March in which the curriculum for the coming year will be presented to the parents. Also, another meeting like the one we held in December, in which students displayed their talents, is on the drawing board for May. North Central's PTO will meet again on the second Monday in February.

Now here's Shonta with a report on clubs.

On Thursday January 28, 1993, North Central High's F.B.L.A. members will attend the annual district meeting. The meeting, which is normally held at Opelousas Senior High School, begins approximately eight thirty in the morning.

Students are chosen to compete in various competitions according to their abilities and scholastic performance in his or her school. Upon arrival, students who are competing in these contests will be instructed to go to the designated testing areas. Some of these testing categories include Ms. FBLA, Mr. FBLA, Economics, Poster contest, Keyboarding, and Entertainment just to name a few.

Members are to dress in a professional and business-like manner. These meetings allow the members to experience the realities and the professionalism of the world of business.

Club sponsors, Mrs. Marie Bush, Mr. Anthony Polotzola, and Mr. Darrel Porche wish all participants good luck. In addition, the members are all eager and looking forward to attending this year's meeting.

Now Hope with a report on recent fundraisers at North Central.

Recently, the Math Department did a fundraiser with the Great American Opportunity Incorporation. Students from Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Bonner, and Mrs. Woods' math classes participated. They sold packages of candy ranging from $4.50 to $12.50. Mr. L.G. Hamilton, head of the Math Department, stated that the students were very cooperative throughout the fundraiser. He also said that the math teachers hoped to take their classes on a trip. The fundraiser was expected to bring in a perspective profit of approximately 3,000, which would be used to buy needed equipment and other supplies for the department.

North Central's publications class, which consists of twelve energetic and very talented young ladies, are involved in several fundraisers, to make North Central's upcoming 3rd Annual yearbook, a greater success than the recent years. The yearbook staff has already experienced an

Advertisement sale, which in results, was a major success, the members of the staff worked very hard to do so. They are now involved in a

candy sale, which will end during the first week of February. North Central's student body can look forward to a memory making, heart taking, and humorous yearbook for the school year of 1992-93. There will be more fundraisers for the yearbook staff to look forward to. Every day the staff is looking for new ways to raise money for the yearbook that North Central will never forget.

Back to Shonta with a sports update.

The North Central High School Hurricanes are doing an outstanding job this year. On the dates of December 23-26 the Northwest Holiday Tournament was held. Coming off of a dramatic overtime victory over Northside in the semifinals gave North Central the opportunity to come out first in the tournament. St. Augustine also had the same opportunity. North Central was looking to get things decided a little earlier against St. Augustine. North Central was able to do just that in a slightly-less-than-dramatic win over class 5A power St. Augustine. Big man Curley Johnson was the leading scorer with 26 points. Two other players also scored double figures. Isaac Powell with 14 points and junior Elijah Sam with 10.

On January 8, 1993, the big three of Curley Johnson, Ronald Andrus, and Isaac Powell combined for 67 points as N.C. rolled passed Ville Platte with a score of 106-46. On the other hand, the Port Barre Red Devils might have won the battle but on January 12, 1993, the North Central Hurricanes won the war. Curley Johnson went the inside route to score 21 second-half points to help lead N.C. to an 88-68 District 72A victory over Port Barre High School. Johnson, a 6-6 center who had six points in the 1st half, was the focus of the Hurricanes' intermission strategy, said head coach, Clarence "Butch" Fontenot. N.C. also received 19 points from Isaac Powell while DeWayne Williams and Wesley Collins followed with 12 points each. N.C never led by fewer than 10 points during any point in the second half. The Hurricanes largest lead came with 3:36 left when N.C. established a 22 point advantage.

Another expected accomplishment was made on January 19, as the N.C. Hurricanes beat Opelousas Catholic. Four players scored double figures. Wesley Collins scored 18 points to guide the Hurricanes offensively. Dewayne Williams was next with 13 while Isaac Powell and Curley Johnson finished with 12 and 10 points. In District play N.C.'s record is 4-0 while overall they are 22-4 for the season.

Meanwhile, girls' softball coach, Jeff David, says that he wants to use the first two years of softball for practice and that in the third year the girls would be going to the nationals.

We have one of our exchange student, Thais Zampar, from Brazil, playing softball. Thais says she is very excited about playing softball for the first time.

The first two games to be held as scrimmages are said to be "more like practice for the girls". The first game for the season will be held against St. Joe, on February 11th at four o'clock. The second game, a home game for the 'Canes, will be against Port Barre at 3:30 p.m.

Good luck to the Lady Canes!

On February 13, the Beta Club of North Central High will hold a Sweetheart Pageant. The proceeds from the pageant will go toward a needy charity on the local, state, and national level. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall winner. The winners in each group will receive a trophy. As with the previous Beta Pageants we are hoping that this one will also be a big success.

This concludes our news update for the month of January. Until next time, I'm Hope LeDay....... and I'm Shonta Callihan!