Broadcast on OWL TV in Opelousas in October of 1992

Good Evening, I'm Melanie Miller and this is the North Central High School news update for the month of October.

This year North Central has a new program called A.R.E.P.(Accelerated

Recovery Education Program). This program gives students a chance to get to their correct grade level and helps them become able to do classwork that other children their ages do. This class is taught by Mrs. Augusta Rideau and Coach Clarence Fontenot.

These students have seven classes each day instead of six. In addition to taking the basic classes, they recieve training in computer usage and in life coping skills.

Goals for this year are for each student to be promoted to the next higher grade. If they work hard enough and achieve sufficient skills, a two year grade promotion is possible.

Students eligible for this class are those who are behind two years or more in school. They are selected by teachers and school board members who sincerely want to help these students.

And now here is Angela Hopkins with a report on new additions at North Central.

Among the many new things at North Central High is our greenhouse. Mr. Hals Beard and Mr. Frances Richard see that the greenhouse is kept in proper order and maintained at all times. Our greenhouse contains a variety of plants, some of which are poinsettias, ivys, and coleus. The greenhouse is also stocked with bedding and vegetable plants, all of which are available to the public for a small price. Mr. Beard and Mr. Richard are in charge of buying the plants for the greenhouse. But what the community in turn buys is a big factor in determining what kinds of plants we keep.

Mr. Beard and Mr. Richard have definite plans for the greenhouse. Construction of a cement walkway leading to the greenhouse and a fence around the greenhouse is under way. In addition, they would like to add a storage building and a shade house to keep plants outdoors.

Another addition to North Central this year is our new computer lab. We are the first school in the state of Louisiana to get a computer lab like this one. The lab has twenty-four student stations and one teacher station. These I.B.M. computers were purchased through the Carl Perkins fund for business classes only. The computers have seven programs that are used to teach the daily lessons and are a very welcomed addition to our school's business department.

Something that we have to look forward to at North Central this year is the North Central High School Band. Mr. Johnson, our band director, hopes to enlarge the band by increasing the number of participants by at least 50 members. Furthermore, Mr. Johnson hopes that the band will be able to play for the Christmas program and the 1993 graduation.

Now back to Melanie.

Recently our Publications class toured the Daily World newspaper office. Students got a chance to see how newspapers are put together and printed. All in all, this trip was enjoyable and fun, and all of the students agree that it was a very enlightning experience.

On September 13, selected members of the SAPE Club of North Central High took a trip to Richard, La. for a " Team Spirit" leadership conference. The conference lasted for three days. At this convention, participants heard lectures about the pressures that today's teens are facing. The number one problem that NCHS students learned about was the problem of peer pressure. They were taught not to give in so easily to everything that their friends ask them to do. Another topic discussed was lack of self-esteem among teenagers. They learned that they need to believe in themselves more and not let the opinions of others stop them from reaching their goals.

North Central High celebrated National Lunchroom Worker's Week from October 12-16. Activities for the week were planned by committee members Augusta Rideau, Pat Woods, Esther Johnson, Harold Woods, and Sister Readore. Presentations were made by Talent Search , FBLA, and Beta Club. Members of FHA and Student Coucil put up banners and posters and helped out in the cafeteria. FTA presented the lunchroom workers with small gift packs of candy to show their appreciation. Potpourri and plants were presented by our Special-Ed department and faculty members served in lunch worker's places on Wednesday. Mrs. Marie Bush and Pat Woods provided a German Chocolate Cake and Mr. Darrel Porche and Mr. Anthony Polotozola provided banners. A special treat was provided by Mr. Harold Woods, our Assistant Principal, who made a gumbo for our cooks early Friday morning.

North Central High School celebrated its 2nd Annual Homecoming on the week of October 12-16. The homecoming activities started with Child's Play Day, followed by Tacky Day, 50's day, Dress-up Day, and Spirit Day. The Homecoming Court was named as follows: Brandi Bush, escorted by Dwayne Williams; Amanda Marks, by Mike Hawkins; Tonya Phillips, by Wayne Pitcher; Hope LeDay, by Chris Tatman; Kim Lee by Wesley Collins; Chrissy Ponthieaux, by Mike Hawkins; and Shenetha Callihan, by Mark Roberts. Brandi Bush, who is a senior at NCHS, was crowned the 1992 North Central Homecoming Queen.

Now a sports update with Angela Hopkins.

Friday night North Central Hurricanes picked up its third victory with a win over Amy Bradford Ware. David Johnson was the top rusher, with 65 yards on nine rushes. Kyle Joubert had six runs for the Hurricanes for 27 yards. Dwayne Williams had 46 yards on two catches in the game.

In the second half of the game, the Hurricanes clinched the victory by adding seven more points to their score. The Hurricanes made the night bright for our Homecoming Queen, Brandi Bush, by totaling the score 35-12. The Hurricanes, who are in their third season of football, and only their second season of varsity action, are now 3-2. North Central will play their last home game November 6 against O.C.

Back to Melanie

Thank You Angela

North Central has gained a new Assistant Principal within the last month. Kermit Thomas, who was once a coach here at the school, was recently named our new assistant principal. When I asked him how he felt about his new position, his response was, "I feel excited about being the new assistant principal because it is another challenge. I don't expect to encounter more problems than I already have because I'm familiar with the students already. But I am excited about working with the administrative team here at NCHS, as we are striving to put academics first. We would like to see it on top and remain on top."

After speaking with Mr. Thomas, I asked Mr. Ambres, our principal, what he thought about his new assistant principal. His response was that he 9was very proud of him and he felt that he will be a good assistant principal. Mr. Ambres went on to say that he was very pleased with the Homecoming activities. North Central High School will hold its monthly PTO meeting on November 10, at 6 p.m. Parents are encouraged to attend.

Also,Mr. Ambres would like to invite everyone to come out and support us at the N.C.H.S Bingo night at the old Howard Brothers store on highway 190 west of Opelousas. The nights will be on Nov. 9th and Nov.23rd and every other Monday thereafter.

This concludes our update for today, until next time, I'm Melanie Miller and I'm Angela Hopkins.