Hurricane Lawyers Overwhelm OHS Paper Tigers

        Once again, NCHS lawyers were superb in their defense of their client. While OHS lawyers relied on a script, NCHS attorneys were on the attack, freehanded and professional, discrediting OHS witnesses in an articulate and confident professional presentation of the facts in the case, and in one instance Chanci Shaw even corrected Judge Boagni. Her opening statement was flawless.

        Travis Bush deserves an Oscar for his performance as an injured oilfield worker. Certainly those observing the trial were entertained and impressed by his performance. Jeanine Miller made an aggressive attack on the defense's doctor, seriously damaging her credibility. When Marion Durand's credibility as an expert witness was attacked, he was able to assert his own expertise. Kendra Doucet, taking the stand on behalf of the plaintif, presented herself with an air of professionalism which was most convincing and impervious to scrutiny by cross examinatiom. Jeanette Fontenot grilled the defense's "so-called" economist and totally discredited her testimony, and her powerful delivery in her closing statement closed the book on OHS.

        All in all, the team did an excellent job, not handicapped by scripts, and in several instances they relied upon creativity and imagination, demonstrating a knowledge of the case rather than a memorization of the script. In my opinion, there was no doubt of a victory as the NCHS team gave truly an inspired performance. They were awesome. OHS did not stand a chance.