Thanks For Making Us Number One

North Central High School is very proud of its newly won victories. No one will ever look at our school the same way again. You have given us an honor which will not soon be forgotten and which can never be taken away. What started off as an idea, a possibility, a dream, has become a reality.

It was not by good luck or by accident that you won this honor for us. It was by dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. We acknowledge this, and we appreciate your unselfishness. Also, this honor was won by courage. Was North Central High good enough to challenge OCHS? We were better, much better! Could NCHS take on the mighty OHS, pride of St. Landry Parish? The proud have been humbled. Could we stand up to Eunice High? We stood proud in victory. Now the name North Central High School has its proper place in the history of St. Landry Parish, number one. This will always be an inspiration to others at this school that they can be number one too. We don't have to take second place to anybody.

Much gratitude must be expressed to the talented young lawyers, Alonzo and Vanessa Harris, who gave up so much of their precious time and talent to help our team. Without your help victory would not have been possible. Likewise, we express our gratitude to Miss Rose Sam and Mr. Huey Hawkins for sacrificing much of their time and talent. Without you this idea would have died. Also, we owe a special debt of gratitude to Mr. Donald Pitre for giving us this opportunity. Finally, to you who represented us so excellently, we thank you, we appreciate you, we love you, we are proud of you all, and we know that you are St. Landry Parish's best chance for a victory in Baton Rouge.


Milton Ambres, Principal