Huck Finn Projects 1996

      During the school year, students in Mr. Martel's English III classes studied the life and works of Mark Twain, reading selections from his works, in particularThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Afterwards, students viewed the videotape version and had to summarize the story, giving their opinions on it and comparing it to the original.

Students then had to construct a prop from the story and explain how it related to Twain's work. Most made steamboats and rafts, and many were excellently crafted. Some of the projects were put on display in the lobby of the school for all to see, and the rest were on display in Mr. Martel's classroom. Click here to see pictures.

The project was such a success that Mr. Martel encouraged students to create something pertaining toMoby Dick by Herman Melville when this author was studied. Several students made the great white whale out of various materials ranging from clay to papier-mâché to pie dough.