Mr. Martel's 1997 Class Projects

     This year's Huck Finn Projects were bigger and better than ever. Due to the success of last year's projects, students had been anticipating this all year long, and they were determined not to be outdone by each other. Jason Hutchins and Matt Pickett, both excellent welders, constructed their steamboats out of sheet metal. Heath Duplechain, John Quezada and Wilson Doomes built the largest wooden steamboats. Mike Sanchez constructed his unique steamboat with styrofoam. There were a variety of rafts made of bamboo, small branches, plywood, and popsicle sticks.
     Students expressed their creativity and individuality in different ways. Christina Phillips put two small birds on her raft, and Tiffany Popps put a red crawfish on her steamboat made from popsicle sticks and painted silver and blue with a paddlewheel made from an aluminum can. Myron Wiliams' green "Love Boat" sported a yellow duck and a red flower. Patasha Williams' unusual steamboat had a pelican on the bow, sails, and a seagull.
     Other projects included an authenic looking log cabin (Pap's Cabin) made by Davina Massingill with real wooden branches, a large cabin (two feet wide) beautifully constructed with dowels by Kenneth Doucet with pine trees and red clay soil, and a dining room setting complete with popsicle chairs and small mouse by Byrd Adams.

Pictures of Projects. Take a closer look.

Display Table Lft.   Display Table Rt.     Metal Boats         Byrd's Room

Crawfish and Birds    Davina's Cabin      Cabin Front        Kenneth's Cabin

Love Boat          Heath's Boat       Patasha's Boat       Wilson's Boat

Kendell's Raft