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Huck Finn Projects 2003
Angelle with her project

Angelle's Cabin

Close-up of boat

Close-up of out house

Close-up of clothesline

Pap in doorway

Dead hog-R.I.P.

Sharonda with her project

Cabin made with pretzels

Another view

Close-up of door

Close-up of chimney

Display table 1

Display table 2

Display table 3

Display table 4

Desiree with project

Desiree's raft

Billy and Jeremy

Jeremy's Cabin

Another view

Jamie's project

Andrea with her project

Andrea's cabin

Rustin with his project

Rustin's mansion

Renee's riverbank scene

Raft and boat

Cicily with her project

Cicily's project

Shrina's project

Curel's project

QTVR movie of Sharonda's pretzel cabin